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Recognized master of miniature, painter Alexander Zakharov is also known for his work in various print techniques, including lithography and etching. For the last several years, the artist has been experimenting with new forms of print reproduction, and the current collection is a result of a three-year research in a plate-less method.

Painting miniature works in acrylic, Zakharov then creates limited editions of prints from each original. Imploring a unique method of enlarging the works, the creator allows his viewers to see the wealth of colors and intricate details of the original miniature.

Since most original works by the painter are sold, the prints allow a wider audience to get acquainted with the work of this artist. Many of the prints are displayed in major public and private collections, including Fogg Museum of Art at Harvard University, The Portland Museum of Arts and New York Public Library.

I believe that in every one of us lives a child, and my paintings are about what that child loves and accepts. In my works, I talk to him in the language he and I can understand. Even the size of my works - it's memories of childhood, where all the important things in life can fit in a pocket or under a pillow, so that you donít have to part with them even for a minute.

Every time, starting a little story in paint, I let go of everything that's "grown up", that bothers and nags me in real life. I travel to this reality, where good defeats bad, where life has a meaning, and cynicism doesn't have the last word; where we are never lonely and nobody can hurt us. These little characters open me to new beginnings, and however bad it is, it's still all good, even though often sad.

I invite you, my viewers, to take a step into the world of childhood dreams and living toys, so that a little me can meet a childhood you, and, as peers, we will continue the journey together.

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